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Jack Levine, founder 4Generations Institute

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Dear Advocate Ally:

I’m pleased to introduce you to the 4Generations Institute, a new chapter of my advocacy career.  It is an exciting enterprise, and I’m thrilled to let you know your interest and involvement is so important to me.

The 4Generations Institute will cultivate the exchange of wisdom and energy among our generations - children/youth/young adults, parents, grandparents, and elders.

The Institute will serve to promote community volunteerism for mutual benefit. Working with community leaders across the state, the Institute will work to identify challenges and inspire the contributions of human and fiscal capital to address the problems associated with our communities’ growth. 

The key objectives of the Institute are to identify model intergenerational programs and projects, to expand the impact of quality mentoring and volunteer initiatives, and to cultivate an environment to nurture communications across the generations.

In the short term, we will call together Florida’s generations and hear from them.  It is the voice of the people across the state that should determine and direct our agenda and activities.

In the long run, the Institute will develop powerful partnerships to bridge Florida’s generation gaps to build successful policies and establish outcome-based programs for mutual benefit. 

A key outcome of the Institute’s efforts will be broadening awareness of the importance of engaging the community in a range of proven programs: access to health care, prevention of child abuse and neglect, innovative alternatives to educational failure, quality rehabilitative and treatment services for youth, and services which promote parent, grandparent and elder involvement in youth programs. The Institute will develop activities in three inter-related dimensions:

  1. Recruiting leaders, identifying key community-based partners, and produce a three-year plan of operation for the successful implementation of the 4 Generations Institute

  2. Coordinate with current partners and potential allies within the identified key community markets through on-site facilitation of seminars, dialogues and community events that highlight the need for intergenerational connections and volunteer commitments

  3. Outreach to the media, business leaders, and allied organizations to present the value of prevention, quality community-based services, and volunteer initiatives 

The categories of activities outlined above will focus on achieving the 4Generations Institute’s community goals in a variety of ways.

  • Assisting in reaching out to audiences in key geographical areas to create opportunities for new volunteerism partnerships and positioning the Institute in achieving its goals with community leaders, academic partners, philanthropy, public officials, the media, and an array of social service, judicial, educational, faith, civic, and business sector leaders

  • Providing access to model strategies and policy/program initiatives that show promise in achieving goals of intergenerational communication and enhancing positive outcomes for youth and families though volunteerism

  • Developing creative approaches to communications and advocacy activities related to message development, media outreach, and commitments from community leaders to make sustainable investments in the intergenerational policies, programs, and model community structures developed through the course of the project

I pledge to expand the offerings of this site and eagerly look forward to this work.

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and goals......

All my best…..
Signed, Jack.

Jack Levine, Founder

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